Steven Case Photography | Post-Event Editing

Image Editing

Sometimes images need a little more help than I would normally include in my standard post production process. All bespoke image editing is done on a ‘success fee’ basis and is quoted according to the level of adjustment needed.

Examples of retouching projects I can attempt include:


In the below example, the railings make a lovely photo difficult to use, but after additional work, it can be hung on any wall.

013_Portfolio Wedding 014_Portfolio Wedding


















Missing Someone?

At one wedding I was asked if I could add someone into a photo whose flight had been delayed, making them miss a large part of the day. With a bit of hard work, I managed to complete their important family picture.












In large group shots, it's rare that everyone’s eyes will be open at the exact moment the picture is taken. I always pick the photos with the most open eyes, but even then, not everyone might be looking at the camera. To get the perfect shot, I can combine versions of a photo to maximise smiling faces and open eyes. In smaller groups, on request, I can even bring in a person's eyes from another photo.


Fancy Something Artistic? 

If you're looking for something a bit different to have as a print on your wall, I can experiment with your ideas and add my creativity to give you something different. This image was converted into Black and White, but certain features were kept in one striking colour.

078_Portfolio Wedding 079_Portfolio Wedding










My Rules

Most people don’t like having all their images 'Photoshopped'. Many beauty photographers will over-soften skin, straighten eyebrows, reduce or enhance curves, but I do not automatically ‘Photoshop’ my images.

As a general rule, I will not remove anything from a person's features that make them who they are. On request, I can reduce the appearance of things that you think are a distraction, for example a freckle or birth mark, but I will not do anything to change a person's appearance (unless specifically requested) because I like to respect a person’s features.

What I can do is digitally develop them from the camera’s digital raw negatives (what the camera records is not a finished image until it's been developed). I can then add colour enhancements, adjust for shadows and sometime crop out features that do not need to be in the frame

The result is an image that looks natural, not over-processed, and reflects a real memory of your day.